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Fuels treatment prescribed for Prison Hill

Staff reports
Photo by Bran CorleyTony Arce drives his bulldozer with front through some sage brush to turn the overgrown vegetation into mulch along the West side of homes along Kings Canyon Road. Little more than stumps were left after passing over the brush, clearing a fire break of more than 50 feet in minutes.

A prescription to protect Carson City property owners and the wildlands east of Carson City has been written.

The Bureau of Land Management today will begin a week-long fuels treatment project on the west side of Prison Hill in Carson City.

The project is intended to reduce the potential for an intense wildland fire to damage private property adjacent to Prison Hill and to help minimize the spread of fires that originate in the residential area.

“Every year, including this summer, many families unnecessarily lose their homes and possessions to wildland fires. These losses can be minimized if we all take the time to become aware of safety measures to help protect homes and complete some effective actions,” said Steve Edgar of the land management agency.

This project is a part of a nationwide initiative targeting high-risk areas in the wildland-urban interface.

This fuels treatment project will help provide a buffer between developed areas and wildlands. The Prison Hills project calls for mechanical fuel reduction and will be completed by a contractor using a rubber-tired vehicle with a brush shredding/cutting attachment.

In addition to these government sponsored fuels treatment projects, the public can assist the BLM and other fire agencies in protecting their homes by creating and maintaining a survivable space around their properties.

For information on this project or for information on maintaining a survivable space around your property contact Steve Edgar, fire mitigations and education specialist at 885-6197.


Call: Steve Edgar, fire mitigations and education specialist at 885-6197.