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Fuentes to be tried on jail assault

F.T. Norton
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer

A judge Tuesday determined that Fidel Fuentes, often in the center of Carson City’s gang-related crimes, will be tried for allegedly assaulting another inmate while awaiting trial on a drug charge.

Justice of the Peace John Tatro found there was enough evidence to try Fuentes on a charge of felony battery by a prisoner.

Deputy Bodie Golla testified that he and other officers had to break up a fight between Fuentes, 26, and inmate Carlos Lara, 23, on Dec. 26 in the intake section of the Carson City Jail.

Golla said that when he pointed a taser at Fuentes and ordered him to stop fighting, “(Fuentes) took one last punch at the inmate on the ground.”

Fuentes will be arraigned on Feb. 17. If convicted of the charge he faces one to six years in prison.

It will be Fuentes’ third felony conviction, which could make him eligible to be sentenced as a habitual criminal.

Under Nevada law, prosecutors can file a notice that they wish to seek habitual criminal punishment which means a person who gets a felony after being convicted of two felonies could be sentenced from five to 20 years instead of the sentence on the original charge.

On a fourth felony the sentence could go as high as life without parole, even if the crimes are not violent.

On Jan. 14 a Carson City jury found Fuentes guilty of a charge of drug trafficking. He will be sentenced Feb. 24.

Since 2005, Fuentes has been arrested and alluded serious consequences in cases involving kidnapping, assault, domestic battery, accessory to attempted murder and possession of stolen property or dangerous weapons.

Almost all of the charges against him have been either been dismissed or reduced. He most recently served 10 months in the Douglas County Jail for a charge of possession of stolen property in connection with a high-speed police chase in Indian Hills.

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