Fundraiser underway for Carson City’s Maya Morrison |

Fundraiser underway for Carson City’s Maya Morrison

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Carson City’s Maya Morrison, 3, is facing more than two years of leukemia treatment.
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Just a few giggles ago, Maya Morrison’s greatest challenge was taking off her tap shoes when she went to sleep at night. The precocious 3 year old filled her life with dancing, painting, watching “Frozen,” and playing with her little brother.

In one shocking moment last week, though, her life changed to one of blood transfusions, lumbar injections, and near isolation.

Maya’s parents, Scott and Sara Morrison, noticed some odd bruises on her chest when giving her a bath and decided to mention them to their doctor while they were at an appointment for their son the next morning. In a heartbeat, they were in a car headed to Children’s Hospital in Oakland, Calif., where Maya was diagnosed with leukemia.

Maya has handled the ensuing painful procedures with a strength and maturity that belies her young age. Her father, Scott, wrote in his journal, “She told me she’ll be okay ‘because I’m strong, right, Daddy?’ She doesn’t know any other way to be, and that sustains my faith.”

Her mother, Sara, comments Maya’s strength is humbling: “I know she will fight. I know she will prevail. I know she will be cured. I know this because she is a dragon. She is a fire breathing high flying dragon covered in armor built by the love and support from all of us.”

Maya’s parents have a close connection to the Carson City community. Scott is Director of Liberal Arts at Western Nevada College; Sara is a dietitian at Carson Tahoe Health and a ballet instructor at Western Nevada Performing Arts Center.

The awful news of their daughter’s traumatic illness sent shock waves through the city.

Friends quickly set up a Gofundme account to help defray the expenses of the 2.5 years of treatment prescribed for leukemia patients. The quick and passionate response to this account deeply touched the family.

Scott commented, “Whatever energy Sara and I have to help sustain Maya’s outlook is due in large part to the huge, humbling outpouring of support and love from family, friends, and even complete strangers. Working in education, I’m familiar with a community that cares deeply for human progress and opportunity. This past week, my eyes have been opened to a view of humanity that is beyond humbling in its power, focus, and compassion. Thank you. For your notes, sentiments, warm wishes, support, compassion, prayers, love, and your collective human spirit. Thank you.”

Those wishing to support the Morrisons can access the Gofundme site at