Gaming win still in decline – but more slowly |

Gaming win still in decline – but more slowly

Statewide gaming win was again down in July – but by just 4.9 percent.

Gaming Control Board Analyst Mark Lawton said even though the $829.67 million total is the sixth decline in seven months, the rate of decrease is much slower than last year when the declines were double-digit. As an example, he pointed out that July 2009 was down 12.5 percent from July 2008.

“There were 10 double-digit declines in 2009,” he said. “They’ve all been single-digit declines this year.”

Lawton said July’s numbers were negatively affected by the month ending on a Saturday. That means the final weekend’s win won’t be reported until the August numbers are released. He said if the estimated $28 million in winnings from that weekend were added to July’s total, the state would have been down just 1.7 percent instead of 4.9.

The Carson Valley area reported a 4.12 percent dip to $8.9 million in July. Game and table win was off 8.8 percent in the area, which includes valley portions of Douglas County as well as Carson City. But table games make up only a tiny portion of total gaming win in the capital.

But South Shore casinos at Lake Tahoe had another in a long series of bad months, falling 12.8 percent to just $23.77 million in total win. On top of the 33 percent decline last July, total win at Stateline’s casinos has been cut in half in just two years. The culprit – the tribal casinos between Tahoe and its primary market, the Bay Area.

That bad news follows a 13.5 percent increase at South Shore in June as table games there jumped more than 22 percent.

“Basically, everything they won in June, they gave back,” said Lawton.

North Shore casinos at Tahoe, however, had a good month in July, reporting a 2.23 percent increase in total win to $3.79 million. While slot machines, which account for the bulk of North Shore casino business, were off 12 percent, table games experienced a 71 percent increase driven by a 55 percent jump in 21 and a more than seven fold increase in craps win.

It was North Shore’s first positive month in a while.

The Strip was flat at $461.3 million. But local markets in Clark County including downtown, North Las Vegas, the Boulder Strip and the “balance of county” casinos, all suffered double digit declines.

Washoe County overall was down 2.09 percent with Sparks, still suffering the year-over-year loss of the Silver Club, off 11.3 percent. The county total win was $69.7 million.