Gardnerville couple celebrates 61 years |

Gardnerville couple celebrates 61 years

Gilbert and Joan Causton celebrated 61 years of marriage on Sept. 14.

Gilbert and Joan Causton of Gardnerville celebrated 61 years of marriage in September. Gil and Joan were married in Toronto on Sept. 14, 1951, at the Kew Beach United Church.Shortly after being married, the newlyweds moved to Long Beach, Calif., in 1952 where they lived until 1996. They were followed to California in the early days by many of their Canadian friends including Gardnerville residents Ken and Anne Sharples; Lake Havasu residents Al and Lorraine Long; Stratton and Joyce Crawford; Joan’s mother Gladys Broadway and Don and Val Welland. While in California, they also raised two sons, Gary, 54, now of Boise, Idaho and Grant, 51, now of Hillsboro, Ore. While in Long Beach, Gil worked as a glazier as part of Southern California Glazers and Glassworkers Union. Gil retired in 1985. Joan worked in the medical profession for Dr. Paul W. Smith and Dr. Forrester. Later, she worked for Naples Medical Plaza. She retired from there in the mid 1990s. Gil and Joan traveled on numerous cruises over the years. They cruised with life-long friends Ken and Anne Sharples, Joan’s brother-in-law Al Long and Joan’s sister Lorraine Long on many cruises. Gil has also won the senior golf championship at Carson Valley Golf Club five times.