Gardnerville dentist arrested in boxing glove incident |

Gardnerville dentist arrested in boxing glove incident

Staff Report

MINDEN – A 42-year-old Gardnerville dentist arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and battery after he allegedly went after a construction crew with boxing gloves and a chain.

Douglas Moss was released on his own recognizance Wednesday after an appearance in East Fork Justice Court.

“This is at worst an allegation that someone had too much to drink and acted in an aberrant manner,” said lawyer Tod Young who was retained by the suspect.

“Dr. Moss is a local dentist and has practiced here for 21Ú2 years. He has no prior record.”

Deputies were called to Moss’ Chichester Estates residence on Pin Oak at noon Monday in response to a report of unknown trouble.

When they arrived, a female sitting in a vehicle with the driver’s side door open directed them down the street.

Moss and another man reportedly came walking up to the deputies.

Deputies reported that Moss had a small scrape on his nose and his clothes were dirty and disheveled as if he had been on the ground.

Deputies said Moss was unable to maintain his balance and appeared to be intoxicated so they had him sit on the ground.

A preliminary breath test indicated a blood-alcohol content of .190, more than twice the legal limit of .08 for driving in Nevada.

The other man said the suspect showed up at a construction site wearing boxing gloves with a heavy 7-foot chain over his shoulder. The man said neither he nor his crew knew Moss, who appeared very angry and intoxicated.

He said Moss made threatening gestures in a boxing stance, lunging at other crew members.

Moss allegedly punched the man and they both fell to the ground.

That’s when Moss started swinging the chain but one of the others was able to yank it from his hand because he was still wearing the boxing gloves and didn’t have a good grasp on it.

Deputies said when they returned to Moss’ residence, they found a nearly empty bottle of Jim Beam on ice.

East Fork Justice Jim EnEarl scheduled another hearing for Dec. 20.