Gas prices drop again |

Gas prices drop again

Becky Bosshart
Appeal Staff Writer

Carson City gas prices have dropped 13 cents from last month, but Nevadans are still paying some of the highest prices in the nation, according to an automotive services company.

Michael Geeser, spokesman for AAA Nevada, which tracks gas prices, said Tuesday that gas prices are continuing to drop, but prices on the West Coast continue to outpace the nation.

The national average for a gallon of regular unleaded has dropped to $2.23, down 3 cents from last month’s survey and down 6 cents from a year ago, according to the November report from AAA Nevada, which tracks fuel prices as a service to consumers. Nevada is at $2.49 per gallon. Reno gas averages $2.60, a 12-cent decrease from last month.

Why have gas prices dropped as much as 15 cents on average across the state?

“It’s just a whole supply-and-demand issue. Demand has fallen off since the end of the summer and supplies have become much stronger. That’s allowed retail gas prices to drop.”

What’s going on with OPEC (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries cartel), elections are over, is it feeling secure?

“They just announced that they were cutting back on their production before the election so that seems to have stopped crude oil from plummeting down. It’s holding steady at about $60 a barrel. They have thrown out this number of $55 a barrel, and if the price drops below that, they may announce another cutback in production. They are set to meet again in two weeks.”

Any other factors now that will affect how much consumers pay at the pumps?

“There’s always a slight upturn around Thanksgiving when demand goes up and more people are using gas, but it’s only a few cents, and we expect that.”

Nevada and Oregon are now tied for the second highest average gas price in the continental United States just behind Washington – why?

“The whole West is extremely elevated at the moment and Nevada is thrown in that. California is just behind Nevada and Oregon. They are all really, really close. Right now gas costs more to import and refine in the Western half than it does in the East. That’s usually the case. Maybe that will correct itself. But in the last few years California and Nevada have been in the top three highest states for averages.”

What can consumers expect in the next month?

“We predict prices are probably going to remain level and may stay there through December.”

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