GE laying off 21 in Minden |

GE laying off 21 in Minden

Staff Reports

GE Energy in Minden announced this week a workforce reduction of 45 positions in the U.S., including 21 positions at the Minden plant, which employs about 800 people.

“The company initiated this action in response to the current economic challenges that have affected our business environment,” said GE Energy spokesman Lee Bonner. “In recent months, our volume has been responding to the global decline in GDP, drop in oil prices, capital spending reduction and customer access to credit.”

Bonner said affected employees will be offered a comprehensive outplacement package, including income benefit continuation, education and retraining benefits and job search assistance.

He also said he wants to dispel any rumors that the Minden plant is closing.

“In the long-term, the outlook for our business remains positive,” Bonner said. “We are continuing to invest in the development of new technologies as well as in the expansion of our global operations. As both a world class technology and export-based manufacturing center, the Minden site will benefit from these investments.”

The plant develops and manufactures electronics and other technology used to monitor and increase efficiency of power plants and heavy machinery used in the oil and gas industry.

The plant exports about 100,000 products outside the U.S. every year and is one of the largest manufacturers in Northern Nevada.

In July 2008, GE Energy laid off about 15 employees at the Minden plant.