Genoa home saved from basement fire |

Genoa home saved from basement fire

Staff Reports

Firefighters from the Nevada Division of Forestry and the East Fork Fire District responded to a house fire Monday afternoon in Genoa.

The fire, which was reported around 3:30 p.m., was initially described as originating in the basement of the Centennial Drive home. East Fork Fire Chief Jim Reinhardt said the blaze then spread into a wall.

House guest David Reynolds of Blacksburg, Va., said he initially thought the smoke was from some small candles that were burning. After checking, he realized the smoke seemed to be coming from the ventilation system. He also found the home’s water and phone lines were inoperable, and ran to a neighboring house to call 911.

Reynolds said he was alone in the house at the time. He escaped without injury, though he said he was unable to catch a scared cat, which took refuge in a corner of the house away from the apparent fire. The cat’s condition was not immediately available.