GET FIT: Join the Get Fit challenge – beat obesity |

GET FIT: Join the Get Fit challenge – beat obesity

Teri Vance

In Carson City, nearly 25 percent of the population is considered obese, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control.

“One in four. That’s a significant number in my mind,” said Rota Rosaschi, executive director of the Nevada Public Health Foundation. “It’s a growing concern, especially since obesity is starting to affect our children.”

Although obesity may not kill you directly, it will shorten your life.

“People who eat poorly get more strokes, heart attacks and cancers,” said B Bottenberg, doctor of internal medicine. “The biggest killers in this country are related to obesity.”

He said he works with patients to take control of their own lives.

“It’s the patient’s life, not mine,” he said. “I give them the tools. I put the ball in their court.”

For the next six weeks, the Nevada Appeal will be encouraging Carson City to follow that advice and get fit.

We’ll be following four women in their quest to lose weight and get in shape, as well as bringing you stories of people who have found success.

But the real focus will be on you. We want the community to join in the effort to commit during these next six weeks to making substantial changes toward a healthier life.

We’ll be offering nutrition and exercise advice from experts throughout Carson City and share activities going on in the community.