Get Healthy Carson City: Looking to improve your health? Hop on a bike |

Get Healthy Carson City: Looking to improve your health? Hop on a bike

Cortney Bloomer
Carson City Health and Human Services

It’s been a rainy week in Carson City, but that hasn’t been enough to dampen the enthusiasm of bicyclists celebrating Bike Month in the state capital! Last Saturday, 60 brave riders turned out to pedal the Tour of Carson beneath threatening skies, and yesterday the annual Muscle Powered Celebrity ride went off without a hitch as bicycle proponents were joined by Supervisor Karen Abowd and new Deputy City Manager Marena Works, among others, for a tour calling attention to the town’s bicycle facilities.

For those who have been intimidated by the bad weather, there are brighter skies in the forecast and plenty more Bike Month events in which to take part. Next week, May 13-17, is Bike to Work Week, so round up your colleagues and join the corporate challenge to see which area business can log the most miles throughout the week. There are even prizes for people who ride the most miles, sponsored by Muscle Powered. Check the entire calendar for additional details on

The best way to celebrate Bike Month is by getting out and riding a bike. Even if it’s been a while since your last ride, or if you’re new to riding, this is a great time to learn. Biking has lots of benefits; it’s fun, it’s healthy, and it’s a great alternative to fueling your car. As the weather warms up, biking becomes a great option for getting around in Carson City. If you’re going to ride, and we hope you do, please do so safely. Remember these key tips:

Ride with traffic. Bikes are vehicles, and are legally allowed to be on the road and required to follow traffic laws. Stop at stop signs, obey traffic signals, and use arm signals to let other road users know when you are turning. It’s safer for everyone when cyclists obey the laws.

Have the proper equipment. You don’t have to wear spandex and have all the fancy gadgetry to ride a bike, but there are a few necessities to ensure safety. Be safe and be seen by wearing bright or reflective clothing, and use lights on your bike if you’re riding in low-light conditions. Also, make sure your bike is in good working order by checking the ABCs — Air in your tires, Brakes and Chain — before each ride. It’s a good idea to carry a few bike-repair essentials, like a tire patch kit, and know how to use them.

Be safe. Always be a responsible cyclist by being aware of your surroundings and riding defensively. Finally, always wear a helmet when you ride; it could save your life.

Carson City Health and Human Services is pleased to be part of a diverse group working to improve bicycling and walking safety in Carson City. Please join us in celebrating Bike Month and do something great for your health — go for a ride.

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