Get out and play |

Get out and play

Teri Vance
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer

My mom had a friend who always said that if you were bored, you were misbehaving.

Entertainment is a personal responsibility.

And Carson City has plenty to offer. From the state-of-the art aquatic facility to a renovated track at the high school and a nordic center just up the road, there are lots of options to get active.

And that’s not even mentioning the trails and back country in this area.

But, and I am more guilty than most, it is easy to ignore all of this and stay bored.

The Nevada Appeal is offering a new outdoor recreation page to let you know how others are getting active and maybe inspire you to do the same.

And we want to feature your stories. Let us know where you like to hike, bike, walk the dog, snowshoe, sled or whatever else you do.

Send stories, photos or just update us on your latest race ” where it was and what place you came in.

E-mail me at or call 881-1272.

Also, check out the list of events you can participate in. It will publish weekly on this page. Stop misbehaving ” get out and play.