Getting out of the cold |

Getting out of the cold

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With winter officially here and the first major winter storms rolling through, power outages and flooding are more likely, so Churchill and Lyon county emergency managers want residents to know what to do in such emergencies.

In the winter, power outages are common because of car crashes, falling tree branches or from high winds, said Steve Endacott, city of Fallon’s and also acting Churchill County’s emergency management manager.

“We don’t get a lot of snow out here,” Endacott said. “We do get the wind and the cold temperatures.”

A power outage itself isn’t urgent, but what is urgent is the loss of working heaters during a storm.

“Then the temperatures plummet,” Endacott added.

During this situation, residents should listen to emergency radio stations or call the emergency information line. Often it is necessary to go to a shelter. If residents can’t get to a shelter, they should call the Churchill County Sheriff Office or the Lyon County Dispatch.

“Our big thing is getting people prepared,” said Jeff Page, emergency management coordinator for Lyon County.

Staying at home still is an option but only if residents are well prepared.

“I think they should be comfortable in their house,” Endacott said. “I know I would be.”

Yet, Endacott stressed to not use any propane heaters or camping stoves to heat or cook inside because you will get carbon monoxide poisoning. Endacott also warned not to try getting warm by sitting in a car with the heater. Last week, three women were found dead near Squaw Valley after snow clogged the exhaust forcing CO into the car.

“You could suffer the same fate,” Endacott said.

The best ways to be prepared are to have safe heat and a safety kit. People should find out how to assemble a safety kit by visiting an emergency preparedness site like

The other common emergency during this time of the year, Page said, is flooding after the snow melts.

“Flooding is our number one hazard,” Page said of Lyon County.

According to the Lyon County Emergency Preparedness Guide, residents can try to divert water from their home by checking drains and setting up blockades. Also, people need to listen to updates on emergency radio stations so they can be ready if they are affected and need to evacuate.

Power outages and flooding are the most likely emergencies in the winter but others ” like earthquakes and fires ” do happen. The emergency information here will be the same for such disasters, but what to do during such events may be different.

To research more emergency information and preparation visit and click on emergency preparedness plan under quick links. Or go to

Lyon County Emergency Information:

– Emergency Stations: KKOH 780 AM and KUNR 88.9 FM

– Emergency Information Line will be set up at the time of emergency.

– If you cannot get to a shelter call Lyon County Dispatch at 775-463-6620 or 775-577-5023

– Lyon County contacts respiratory Oxygen Supply companies during an emergency. To register contact your supply company.


– Dayton Elementary School, 285 Old Dayton Valley Road.

– Dayton Intermediate School, 315 Old Dayton Valley Road.

– Dayton High School, 335 Old Dayton Valley Road.

– Riverview Elementary School.

– Sutro Elementary School, 190 Dayton Village Parkway.

Fernley Shelters:

– Cottonwood Elementary School, 925 Farm District Road.

– East Valley Elementary School, 1470 Farm District Road.

– Fernley Elementary School, 450 Hardie Lane.

– Fernley Intermediate School, 320 Highway 95A.

– Fernley High School, 1300 Highway 95A.

Fallon Emergency Information:

– Emergency Stations: KVLV 980 AM and KHWG 750.

– Emergency Information Line: 423-2142.

– If you cannot get to a shelter, call the police department at 423-2111 or the Churchill County Sheriff Office at 423-3116.

– The Fallon Police Department keeps an inventory of people registered with respiratory Oxygen Supply companies. If you are not registered, call 423-2111.

Fallon Shelters:


– City Hall, 55 W. Williams Ave.

– County Administrative Building;

155 N. Taylor St., No.170

Short Term

– Fallon Convention Center,

100 Campus Way

– County Multi-Purpose Building, 225 Sheckler Rd.

Long Term

– Locations like schools and churches and state and federal government facilities.

Specifics will be announced.