Gibbons fires campaign adviser over first lady comment |

Gibbons fires campaign adviser over first lady comment

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Gov. Jim Gibbons gets a smile on his face just before answering whether he thought the settlement in his divorce case was equitable during a court hearing in Reno, Nev., Monday Dec. 28, 2009 regarding his divorce from Dawn Gibbons. After the smile he told the judge he did think it was fair. (AP Photo/Marilyn Newton, The Gazette-Journal)
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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) – Gov. Jim Gibbons has fired his campaign adviser for comments that described the first lady as “window dressing.”

Gibbons on Wednesday said Robert Olmer’s comments earlier this week to a Reno newspaper were demeaning, sexist, do not reflect his own feelings.

Hours after a judge on Monday approved a divorce settlement between the governor and Dawn Gibbons, Olmer told the Reno Gazette-Journal that not having a first lady in the governor’s mansion wouldn’t be an issue, because any first lady “is to a large extent window dressing.”

The remark brought swift criticism from the governor, as well as many charitable organizations Dawn Gibbons has worked for in her role as first lady.