Gibbons thanks banks for cooperation in foreclosure crisis |

Gibbons thanks banks for cooperation in foreclosure crisis

Appeal Capitol Bureau

In an address before a group of Nevada bankers, Gov. Jim Gibbons Wednesday thanked them for committing to slow foreclosures during the holidays and end foreclosures on the mortgages they own through the month of January.

“I am also pleased that you are working to ensure that mortgage foreclosure activity is kept to a minimum, and that you are committed to taking all possible steps to halt foreclosure activity and evictions during the holiday period,” he said.

He said the “pause” in the foreclosure process “will greatly aid those who are trying to stay in their homes.”

“We all agree that keeping people in their homes while working with them to resolve their issues benefits everyone and is in the best interests of the community and the individual homeowners,” Gibbons told the group. “As you know, the best solutions can only be implemented when homeowners and lenders communicate before the loan is in default.”