Girl completes hair-donation goal |

Girl completes hair-donation goal

F.T. Norton
Rick Gunn/Nevada Appeal Hannah Goddard, 8, reacts after having 11 inches of hair cut off by Brandy Plattsmier of Attitudes hair and nails. She cut her hair for the Locks for Love program.

An 8-year-old Carson City girl achieved a goal she set for herself two years ago by donating 11 inches of hair to Lock of Love, a national organization that provides hairpieces to children with long-term hair loss.

“I’m excited to give my hair on Christmas to little kids who don’t really have any,” ever-smiling Hannah Goddard said Friday while sitting at Attitude’s Salon on Saliman Road.

Her once-waist-length, thick black hair was cut into a bob that left just enough hair to make a bun for her dance class.

Hannah, a third grader at Fremont Elementary School, was inspired by friend Monique Hautekeet, who did the same thing at age 9.

“I like the idea of helping people because there are so many people who are so unfortunate,” Monique, 11, said.

She stood by with Hannah’s older sister Jessica as moral support for Hannah, who giggled and squealed each time one of her three braids was cut off.

When Hannah set the goal for herself, she measured her hair once a month, her mother, Alicia, said. Hannah remembers it to be once a day.

The shortest Locks of Love will accept is 10 inches, so once Hannah reached that, it was just a matter of setting an appointment.

Hairdresser Brandy Plattsmeir went to work cutting then styling and curling Hannah’s finished ‘do. And she didn’t charge a dime.

“We don’t charge for these cuts,” she said. Attitude’s policy is to offer free haircuts to those donating their hair to Locks of Love and other such organizations.

Plattsmeir said she has cut several people’s hair for such a cause, but, “(Hannah) is the littlest one I’ve ever done.”

“What an awesome thing to do, especially at this time of year,” Mom said, bursting with pride.

For Hannah, the haircut was perfect: her hair was too long before and difficult for her to brush all the way through. The new cut, she said felt good.

“I’m gonna surprise everyone when I go back to school,” she said, still smiling.

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