Girl dies in single vehicle rollover |

Girl dies in single vehicle rollover

F.T. Norton
The driver of a pickup truck that rolled several times down the dirt roads behind the Nevada State Railroad Museum off Curry Street reacts to the news that his passenger, who was partially ejected from the truck, was killed.

A Carson City teenager died Wednesday evening after she was partially thrown from an out-of-control pickup rolling down the south side of C Hill at Curry Street.

The unidentified 18-year-old female was pronounced dead at the scene.

“We have an ID on her at this time, however, her name is being withheld pending notification of her family,” said Carson City Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Scott Burau.

Daniel Kane, 18, of Carson City, the driver of the pickup, was taken to Carson-Tahoe Hospital where he was held overnight for observation.

Burau said Kane reported brake failure as the truck headed down from C Hill. Kane told investigators the two had gone to the top to take photographs of the city. Carson City Sheriff’s Department Deputies were dispatched to the scene at 5:19 p.m.

“At this point we believe we may be dealing with a mechanical issue,” Burau said. “Mechanical failure would be consistent with witness statements and the statements of the driver. There is no indication at this point that alcohol or drugs are involved.”

Neither victim was wearing a seatbelt.

An unidentified man, passing by the scene shortly after the accident said he called 911 and tried to render aid.

” When I got up to her she was still gasping and had a pulse.” He said the girl suffered “massive head injuries,” and died shortly after.

Another witness, identified only as Anthony, said he was traveling north on Curry Street when he saw the truck descending.

“They were coming full on at a fast speed,” he said. “Then the truck hit the bottom and rolled several times. You could see that she had come halfway out of the cab.”

Anthony said when the truck came to rest, the girl’s upper body was still in the cab and Kane pulled her from the wreckage and laid her on the ground.

“He was just screaming her name, saying ‘Don’t die, please don’t die,'” he said.

Jeremy Harding, an employee of the Nevada State Railroad Museum, was preparing to leave work, when he heard a rumble.

“When I came outside, the first paramedics were already here,” he said. Harding estimated the response time to be about three minutes. Harding said he saw the truck as it made its ascent, about 20 minutes before the accident.

According to Burau, witnesses reported seeing the couple on top of the hill taking pictures.

“It looks like they were just up there to get a view of the city,” he said.

Another witness, identified only as Bill, said he sees people coming up and down the hill all the time.

“I don’t usually pay attention,” he said. “But this truck had no brakes. As he was coming down he was picking up momentum, really hauling.” His friend Jerry said he rushed over after the accident.

“I couldn’t help the poor girl, though,” he said.

“I sure hope this boy doesn’t get in trouble. It’s bad enough he has to live with this for the rest of his life,” Jerry said.

Investigators from the Nevada Highway Patrol were called in to assist and will inspect the vehicle for mechanical failure.

“It appears to be just an accident,” Burau said.