Girl gets to keep money found in December |

Girl gets to keep money found in December

Associated Press

RENO, Nev. – Nine-year-old Jaclyn Moreno is a several hundred dollars richer, but plans to share her wealth.

Three months ago, the Reno fourth-grader found a bundle of money on the floor of a department store and turned it over to police.

When nobody claimed it after 90 days, police said the money was hers to keep. On Monday, she received a check for the undisclosed amount.

But Jaclyn isn’t keeping it all for herself.

”I want to give some to charity, put some in savings and keep some for me,” she said.

Jacyln said she’ll donate some money to the Nevada Humane Society and to Evelyn Mount, a Reno woman who runs a program from her home to feed the needy.