Girl jailed for allegedly having brass knuckles at school |

Girl jailed for allegedly having brass knuckles at school

Nevada Appeal Staff Report

A Carson High student was taken to juvenile hall Wednesday for allegedly wearing brass knuckles as a charm on a necklace.

According to the arrest report, a teacher noticed the 15-year-old girl had the prohibited item and questioned her about it. The report states the student said she had asked a dean about the necklace and was told it was fine.

When contacted later, the student allegedly told a dean her sister had come to the school and collected the item. But upon a search of her backpack, the brass knuckles were found, the report states.

Despite the girl’s contention that her fingers wouldn’t fit in the holes, the deputy noted the brass knuckles were large enough for the girl to wear, the report states.

Brass knuckles are a weapon used during fist fights in which a piece of steel is fitted to slide over the knuckles with a metal grip held in the palm of the hand.

The girl was taken to the juvenile detention center on a charge of gross misdemeanor possession of a dangerous weapon.

The deputy said the girl was upset about the charge, but more upset about having to wear jail clothing.

Under Nevada law, it is unlawful to have a weapon on school grounds to include: An explosive or incendiary device; a dirk, dagger or switchblade knife; a nunchaku or trefoil; a blackjack, billy club or metal knuckles; a pistol, revolver or other firearm; or any device used to mark any part of a person with paint or any other substance.