Girl’s generosity spreads to community |

Girl’s generosity spreads to community

by Kelli Du Fresne

Julianna Powell ran from car to car Saturday collecting $885 to help buy medicine for Kyler Paul Finch.

Kyler, a 3-year-old from Carson City, has an infection in his heart and his parents are having trouble paying for medicines and treatment. Julianna decided that for her ninth birthday she’d rather help Kyler than have a party or receive presents. She told her mother to save her money and to spend it on Kyler.

The car wash, set to run from 10 a.m-noon at Lowe’s was still in full swing at 12:20 p.m. though the washers were looking soaked and a bit bushed.

Jesse Beckstead, 14, said he was drying cars “because I was asked. And it’s a good thing to do.”

Though none could tell how many cars were washed, all witnessed the generosity of their unknown neighbors.

Roger Philippi, waited for the next wave with a drying towel resting on his shoulder and said, “people are being great. People keep driving by and handing us money. And they don’t even get their cars washed.”

Julianna’s mother, Susan, said one man handed Julianna $100 before driving off without having his car washed.

“He said he had an appointment, but wanted to make sure she got the money,” Powell said.

Philippi, who was there with his youth group from church, said his young men made him proud on Saturday.

“I forgot,” he said. “I came late. But here’s my boys. It made my day. I’m so proud of them.”

Looking back at the line of at least a half dozen cars, Juilanna’s father, Jim Powell said, “It’s been like this the whole time.”

In one case, while workers washed one woman’s car, Julianna grabbed a mitt and scrubbed another.

Powell said they are expecting friends from out of town to make another donation this weekend. Julianna will present the all the money to the Finches on Monday night.

“Julianna told me that we’ve made such a difference,” Powell said. “This much money will matter.”


Send a donation to help support the Finches in dealing with Kyler’s heart condition:

Nikki and Paul Finch

216 South Carson Meadows

Carson City, NV 89701