Give us a stimulus package, but hold the pork |

Give us a stimulus package, but hold the pork

Nevada Appeal Editorial Board

President Barack Obama is calling for an immediate passage to his stimulus bill, saying the country cannot wait for the bill’s provisions to take effect.

On the other hand, moderate Democrats and Republicans are demanding that the bill undergo some major work.

Unfortunately, what we see in the bill’s current format is still too much pork and no spending cap. Unless this bill is reworked and items either dropped or added, the total cost could be nearing $900 billion ” or more.

One way or another, the Senate will pass the stimulus bill. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when. In its present form, the stimulus plan appears to be a temporary fix.

Most Nevadans are skeptical of this stimulus bill because the plan brings only short-term relief, good through 2010. Has there been any thought given past 2010 if the nation’s economy is still struggling?

First and foremost, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, as majority leader, must demand that stringent oversight be implemented so that Americans are not seeing their hard earned money disappear into a black hole. Case in point: When Congress passed the emergency spending bill last fall, very little oversight occurred when the first $350 billion was handed out to the banks and mortgage companies.

Under the current stimulus plan, Congress must eliminate money for social programs. Already, the Democrats are acquiescing and will be taking out the provision funding Planned Parenthood. Money for the National Endowment for the Arts also should not be included in this bill.

Perhaps we should treat congressmen like our kids: “Is this a wish, or is this a want?”

If it’s a wish, take it out and shove it into the round file.

The current bill calls for the creation of two million to three million jobs. Republicans insist that number should be doubled. During his campaign, Obama promised to jump-start the economy with six million jobs.

So, which figures are correct?

Reid and his colleagues should eliminate provisions in the bill that don’t create jobs or assist state governments in unfunded mandates such as No Child Left Behind.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, 75 percent of the American people want to see the stimulus bill passed, but a growing number also are clamoring for a major overhaul.

Nevadans want a prudent approach to this stimulus bill, one that covers the essentials and eliminates the waste.

Sen. Reid: Listen to the people. Time is running out.