Giving is the true gift of the holidays |

Giving is the true gift of the holidays

When Christmas comes around we think of sponsoring or purchasing items for children. However, we have many seniors within our community that also need assistance and who would greatly appreciate a gift as well.

There are two local programs you can assist. The Carson City Senior Citizens Center is asking for food gift certificates from local grocery stores to help assist the seniors that do not receive much money and are on limited budgets.

They are also accepting diabetic candy and little baskets with teas, nuts, crackers anything you think someone might enjoy.

Each Christmas, my grandfather always wanted cherry cordials.

Also you can call the Nevada Retire and Senior Volunteer Program. They will drop off a little something to homebound seniors to brighten the holidays.

Give either organization a call or head down to Adele’s Restaurant and JM furniture, both have a tree with senior wish tags on them.

Food banks are always short on food during the holiday season regardless of economic situations and hardships. However, due to some of the toughest financial times our country has seen in decades, the food shortages are at epidemic proportions.

Imagine what this year is going to be like for nonprofits with all the budget cuts. They will be struggling to assist the victims of domestic violence and homelessness in providing a safe haven without community help.

This annual food drive is easy and very much needed to help Advocates to End Domestic Violence and FISH. Advocates are the largest domestic violence shelter in Northern Nevada, with 63 beds and including transitional housing.

Do a Governor’s Mansion drive-by and bring non-perishable food items, diapers, laundry soap, cleaning products and paper products.

It seems such a shame that the children are suffering again when they are placed in a temporary foster care or shelters during the holidays, or anytime for that matter.

They feel alone, vulnerable and confused.

During big holidays those feelings intensify, and trying to provide a memorable Christmas is a gift all of us can contribute.

Many thanks to Charles Duarte, Administrator of the Division of Health Care Financing and Policy. Along with his staff, he sponsored 20 children and challenged everyone to do likewise.

What a great way to make an unfortunate situation for children turn around in an instant.

Currently there are 220 children in need. Between the State of Nevada employees and Carson High School entire staff led by teacher Angila Golik, some amazing children will be sharing in a brighter and warmer holiday.

It’s incredible the generosity and love I have the privilege to witness. Even with jobs being cut and budgets trimmed, people still give.

Happy holidays to all of you who believe! Special thanks to Rita Mackie, Shannon Foster, Jane Countryman, Mary Liveratti, Amber Vestbie, CHS Principal Ron Beck, Shelia Swartz, Pam Gentry, Melissa Faul, Ann Scott, Cindy Peterson and so many more.

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