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‘Golden’ flushes ‘Urinator’ for outhouse throne

Jarid Shipley
Appeal Staff Writer
Kevin Clifford/Nevada Appeal Nate Teachout, 23, left, and Jake Kersey, 23, right, push the defending champion of the World Championship Outhouse Races, The Urinator, while driver Joy Hall steers the outhouse towards the finish line in Virginia City on Friday. The Urinator lost to The Golden Throne, a new participant, in the final race.

For the last four years, The Urinator has reigned supreme at the World Championship Outhouse Races in Virginia City.

But this year, The Golden Throne – a first-time flusher – proved to be the sphincter to The Urinator’s stream of wins.

“We really had nothing to go on in designing it, it was just pushing stuff around the office to see what works,” said Steve Firth, Kung Poo Fighters team member. “We made sure it had free-spinning bearings with equal height and really fit pushers.”

The Golden Throne was created by the Kung Poo Fighters, a group of employees from United Site Services, based in San Jose, Calif. The business also provides portable toilets to Reno and Virginia City.

“We wanted to show our support for Virginia City. We brought about 60 employees and their families,” Firth said.

A total of nine outhouses, including teams from California, Reno and a group of Virginia City High School students, took to C Street on Saturday and Sunday to determine the World Champion, while a 10th entry was disqualified because it contained a motor.

The houses began the tournament Saturday following the parade, then ran the semifinal and final heats Sunday afternoon.

Sunday brought several unexpected changes to the competition, including a new driver for one team and the sabotage of another.

Leah Vigil of Gardnerville thought she would spend Sunday cheering on her favorite fecal facilities but instead ended up piloting The Stool Shed.

“The driver didn’t show up and they needed one. I knew these guys and said I’d do it,” Vigil said.

Milly Batchelor, event co-chairwoman, said the competition just typifies life in Virginia City.

“It’s just a great place to be and it will stay that way as long as we keep these events fun. We want people to come and enjoy Virginia City with us,” Batchelor said. “The more events we keep and keep going, it’s good for the Comstock.”

The team of Virginia City High School students wasn’t even able to race Sunday after someone punctured one of their tires before the event began.

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Winners at the World Championship Outhouse Races

First Place: The Golden Throne, run by the Kung Poo Fighters of United Site Services of San Jose, Calif.

Second Place: The Urinator, run by the Ole Tyme Saloon of Reno

Third Place: The Ole Tyme Classic, run by the Ole Tyme Saloon of Reno.

Prettiest: The Golden Throne

Ugliest: The Stool Shed

Most Unusual: The Urinator