Gov. Brian and Kathleen Sandoval issue statement on divorce |

Gov. Brian and Kathleen Sandoval issue statement on divorce

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval with his wife Kathleen, 2016 Nevada Day parade.
Brad Coman/Nevada Appeal |

Gov. Brian and Kathleen Sandoval issued a joint statement Tuesday saying they have “come to an amicable conclusion” to their announced plan to divorce.

The Sandovals, citing the pressures and demands of being governor, announced plans to divorce late last year.

“After careful and thoughtful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to divorce,” the statement says.

The statement asks, “in consideration of our family, please respect our privacy concerning these matters.”

“This is the last time either of us intend to publicly discuss the matter,” the one paragraph statement concludes.

Sandoval is in the final year of his second term as governor of the state of Nevada.

Kathleen Sandoval is director of the Children’s Cabinet non profit in Reno and, as such, is the first Nevada First Lady to have a job.

The Sandovals have two adult children, James and Maddy, and a teenager, Marisa.

The Sandovals were married in October 1990.