Gov. Gibbons divorce snagged on property sale |

Gov. Gibbons divorce snagged on property sale

Three months after signing a settlement agreement, Gov. Jim and Dawn Gibbons’ divorce is still not final.

Washoe Family Court Judge Frances Doherty ordered Gibbons to pay Dawn $275,000 – her share of their Elko County property – before the divorce would become final.

Under the Dec. 28 order, Gibbons was given 60 days to pay Dawn for the Elko property. He also was supposed to list the couple’s Reno home for sale within 30 days. According to Dawn’s lawyer Cal Dunlap, Gibbons has done neither.

“He’s supposed to cash her out,” said Dunlap. “He can’t get his divorce until the money is paid.”

Dunlap said Gibbons has been making the alimony payments required by the settlement agreement.

Gibbons said the economy has played havoc with his attempts to raise the money and sell the couple’s Reno home.

“Nobody wants to take a loan on vacant land,” he said of the property near Lamoille. Gibbons said he wants to cash her out so he can keep the property where he eventually wants to build a home he can retire to.

“It’s really difficult. People say they’re willing to help but they’ve kind of shied away,” the governor said.

As for the Reno home, he said the problem is that “there’s just nothing selling.”

“I’ve tried. I’ve really, really tried,” he said. “Sure, they will (buy) – if you give it away.”

He said he wants the divorce finalized so both can move on with their lives.

At the same time, Dawn Gibbons said she is trying to move on with her life. She began a new radio talk show on Reno radio station KBUZ-1270 AM Tuesday morning, interviewing Assembly Minority Leader Heidi Gansert, R-Reno, and U.S. Sen. Harry Reid.

She plans to talk with Brian Sandoval, who is challenging Jim Gibbons in the Republican primary, this week as well as Washoe District Attorney Dick Gammick on the show.

While she has rented a place on the Las Vegas Country Club grounds as her permanent residence, she said until the divorce is final, she maintains access to the apartment adjacent to the governor’s mansion for those times when she is in Northern Nevada.

She said, however, she is having financial difficulty since the governor hasn’t come through with the money yet.