Gov. Jim Gibbons blames Democrats for budget crisis |

Gov. Jim Gibbons blames Democrats for budget crisis

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

Gov. Jim Gibbons issued a press release Thursday blaming Democratic legislators for the state’s budget crisis.

“The Democrat controlled Legislature raised taxes and increased spending while I stood by my promise to the voters by vetoing their higher taxes and spending,” he said in the release. “But they wouldn’t listen and now we have to endure the consequences of their actions.”

Gibbons pointed to budget additions by lawmakers as well as increases in the payroll, sales and other taxes, saying those decisions make lawmakers at least partly responsible for the state’s economic woes.

He said that as a result, “all of our economic indicators are pointing toward the need for a special session of the Nevada Legislature.”

He reaffirmed his opposition to any increase in taxes, saying that would only put more people out of work.

“The cost of government services must be reduced to decrease government spending to sustainable levels,” he said.

Gibbons issued the statement on the eve of the Nevada Economic Forum that meets at 9 a.m. today to review and reproject the major revenues that make up the state’s general fund.

If and when Gibbons calls a special session, the Nevada Constitution gives the governor control over the agenda. If he doesn’t include a topic or option – such as raising taxes – lawmakers can’t act in that area.

In preparation for a special session, he has asked state agencies to prepare scenarios ranging from a 1.4 percent reduction in this biennium’s general fund spending to 10 percent.