Governor’s Mansion gets new driveway |

Governor’s Mansion gets new driveway

Geoff Dornan/Nevada Appeal

The Governor’s Mansion is getting a new driveway to replace what Public Works Manager Gus Nunez described as a “tripping hazard.”

He said the project was requested by the Division of Buildings and Grounds because the concrete was cracked and its surface coming apart and the brick accents were loose in a number of places.

“It’s accessible to the general public and during Halloween, a lot of children come through there,” Nunez said. “The concrete surface had deteriorated to the point that it had become a tripping hazard.”

He said if somebody fell, there could be lawsuits.

But, mostly, he said, “government has a responsibility.”

He said the contractor will be paid $60,101 to do not only the driveway but necessary sidewalk work at the mansion, which is supposed to be completed by Oct. 15 – well in advance of Halloween.

Also in progress at the mansion is a $163,000 contract to upgrade security. Nunez said that includes not only new and better surveillance cameras but more of them to ensure Capitol Police can properly protect the governor.