Governor’s Mansion hosts trick-or-treat in Carson City |

Governor’s Mansion hosts trick-or-treat in Carson City

Alice Johnson, 2, gets a handful of candy from Gov. Sandoval as mom Bridget looks on.
Jim Grant | Nevada Appeal

It is that time of year when all of the creepies and crawlies come out to play, witches and bats fly across the sky and the things that go bump in the night make their appearance. That’s right, it’s Halloween in Carson City.

Like every year, hundreds of children gathered at the Governor’s Mansion to participate in the annual trick-or-treat event. Gov. Brian Sandoval, along with several local law enforcement agencies, were present to pass out candies and treats to the children.

“This gives the Sheriff’s Office the opportunity to be in the community in a different light than ordinary circumstances,” said Sheriff’s Office Reserve Commander Tom Crawford. “I know its appreciated by the community and people at the Governor’s Mansion who are attending the trick or treating.”

Crawford has been working the trick or treat event since 2003 and enjoys coming back to help each year.

“I mean it’s the governor, what’s not to like?”Shannon Parsons

“It is a good community-oriented event and it is well received,” Crawford said.

Most years see an overwhelmingly popular costume; however, this year that wasn’t present. Children were dressed in anything and everything from princesses to superheroes to killer clowns to the Reno Aces mascot, Archie.

For 7-year-old Mikey Parsons, the costume choice was all about the accessories. Parsons dressed as Jesus with a twist: a skull-spiked staff.

“I thought it would have the staff, so I got a cooler (staff),” Parsons said.

“We joked that if he kept the beard off we could say he was Charles Manson,” said Parsons’s mother, Billi.

This was the family’s first time attending the trick or treat at the Governor’s Mansion and said they liked going.

“I mean it’s the governor, what’s not to like?” said Shannon Parsons.

The family costumes were also a popular one this year.

The Barr family decided to dress themselves and their 1.5-year-old Audrina as elderly folks, complete with wrinkles and a walker.

“I saw it online and we didn’t want to be princesses or something like everyone does,” said Maria Barr. “It was fun, (Audrina) likes putting on the wigs.”

For the Steepe family, their theme this year was a bit more spooky. The clan of five dressed as killer clowns to go trick or treating.

“We wanted to all match and took a vote, it was between this or Minions and no one wanted to be a Minion,” said Mercedes Steepe.

“We like dressing up because it’s fun,” added 12-year-old Destiny Steepe.

So ghouls and ghosts roamed the streets of Carson for one night, to celebrate the all-sacred holiday of candy and treats.