Graffiti angers residents still aching from Tuesday’s attacks |

Graffiti angers residents still aching from Tuesday’s attacks

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The words vile, disturbing, terrible were on the tips of many Carson City residents’ tongues Saturday morning after they awoke to find someone had sprayed several walls around town with the phrase “Death to America.”

One resident who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation said, “That was a vile cowardly act. Let’s start a reward fund and ship them to Afghanistan. I contributed to the firemen. I’d contribute to that. If he or she hates America, let’s get them out.

“You have committed a despicable act. As a Christian I need to forgive you. As an American, I’m having trouble,” said the woman who described herself as an American and a native New Yorker.

Walls were painted on Roop Street between Winnie Lane and Northridge, at Graves Lane and Airport Road and on Highway 395 in north Carson City.

Carson City Street Department crews erased the vandalism by 9:30 a.m., but not residents’ ire.

Spencer Davidson a wildland firefighter was willing to risk jail to remove the scrawling, which he said were “really disgusting.”

After calling the Nevada Highway Patrol, Davidson learned the markings would likely remain on the Highway 395 median until Nevada Department of Transportation crews could be reached Monday.

“I can’t let that set there all weekend,” he said. “When I heard NDOT wouldn’t be called until Monday I offered to paint it myself. They (NHP) said I could be arrested for destruction of property. I was going to paint it anyway.”

Del White said the graffiti was “for those of us who think we live in a safe little neighborhood.” But that he wouldn’t want to be among the ones who were “caught doing that.”

Carson City Sheriff’s Deputies said they did not fear a threat, but thought the mess to be the work of vandals.