Grant money will benefit Carson sheriff’s department |

Grant money will benefit Carson sheriff’s department

Staff reports

The Carson City Sheriff’s Department will benefit from more than a quarter-million dollars in grant money in the coming months, said Sheriff Ken Furlong.

“The impact of this money is equivalent to approximately 18 percent of (our) general-fund operating budget in a full year,” he said.

From the department’s $14.9 million budget, Furlong said, just over $13 million goes to paying the salaries and benefits of its 143 full-time employees. He said the remainder is used for the department’s operating costs, paying for everything from utilities to office supplies to deputy gear.

Because there is no grant writer or manager, Furlong said, the grants were sought by regular employees who saw the need and succeeded in receiving them.

“A lot of folks in this department have seen the opportunities out there and taken it on themselves,” he said.

Among those who secured these grants totaling more than $286,000, were deputies Chris Rivera and Dan Gonzalez, Sgt. Darrin Sloan and drug education director Lisa Davis

The grants are:

• A $28,200 State Homeland Security grant to pay for improved tactical and protective equipment for deputies, such as new bullet-proof vests. Furlong said it is a continuation of $20,000 grant already in use.

• An Office of Criminal Justice Assistance, Special Response Teams, grant for $19,750 will fund specialized critical equipment and training for the SWAT division.

• A $61,163 grant from the Office of Criminal Justice Assistance, Suppression – Gang Unit and Special Enforcement grant provides funding to pay officers overtime for specific law enforcement suppression surrounding methamphetamine and gang activity.

• An Office of Criminal Justice Assistance, Gang Unit Outreach Project, grant for $23,976 will pay overtime for officers for prevention and outreach activities, printing of materials and the purchase of necessary equipment. While the Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant for $37,134 will be used specifically to further community education and information programs such as those on drugs and gangs.

• The Office of Criminal Justice Assistance, has also provided $115,854 which will be used to operate the Tri-Net Net Drug Task Force operating in the Carson, Lyon and Douglas County areas. Tri-Net Net, under the direction of the Department of Public Safety, Nevada Division of Investigation, targets major distribution of illegal drugs in the region.

The grants will be presented to the Board of Supervisors on July 19 for approval.