Grant will be used to promote history |

Grant will be used to promote history

Staff report

A grant for $9,800 will be used to erect historic markers at ranches and the river to explain the history of the Carson River Watershed by the Western Nevada Resource Conservation and Development Council.

“The history of the Carson River Watershed is a made-for-TV story that ‘Bonanza’ only touched the surface of,” said conservation Project Director Dan Kaffer. “We plan to create a living history of those places and ranches so locals and tourists can know and appreciate the people from the Washoe to pioneers, to the Basque and Germans, who settled the Carson River Watershed.”

The Sierra Front Recreation Coalition working with the Tahoe Rim Trail Association will receive a grant for $10,000. The coalition will use the grant to launch a major outreach and fund-raising program to build a trail system to expand recreational opportunities, resource stewardship and economic opportunities in communities along the Sierra Front in Nevada and California.

Rural Community Assistance grants help communities that have historically relied on natural resource-based economies to build stronger and more diverse economies. For every dollar spent by the program, an average of $10 more come from a non-federal source.

Communities, counties and tribes may apply for annual grants to develop plans, conduct feasibility studies, explore economic ventures, create or enhance outdoor recreation and tourism, develop alternative forest products, improve living conditions, and enhance natural resources.