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‘Greatest diet on earth’ taught in nutrition class

Karl Horeis

The typical American diet is an addiction to disease-causing foods, according to Soliman Feinberg. He will teach an eight-week course in Carson City about a program called the “greatest diet on earth” by its creator. It calls for cutting out animal products and eating mostly whole-plant foods.

“It seems radical to give up meat, dairy, cheese and refined plant products like flour,” said Feinberg. “But I think it’s radical to be obese or to die of heart disease or cancer, and these are totally diseases of nutritional stupidity.”

His class will be taught Thursday evenings beginning April 15 at the Spiritual Living Center on Fairview Drive. It will be held in a cooking-class format with complete meals prepared each session for all students.

“We’ll be making a very healthy meal – it will be simple and delicious. Then we’ll also talk about nutrition,” Feinberg said.

The class will be based on the book “Eat to Live” by New Jersey physician Joel Fuhrman. His diet is based on eating smaller amounts of highly nutritious foods -rather than huge servings of empty calorie, or “junk” foods. A video will also be included in the curriculum.

Feinberg said the diet is not for everyone.

“It would benefit everyone – but you have to be open to it,” he said.

Going on the diet is a dramatic experience, Feinberg said. “It’s like withdrawing from drugs – there’s no difference.”

He said 90 percent of the diabetics who go on his diet are off insulin in the first month, and the average person can expect to lose 15 pounds a month.

The class is $110 per student, including weekly meals, the textbook and the video. Friends or family members of students pay $5 per class.

Feinberg would prefer to have students registered in advance, but drop-ins are invited.

“You’re totally welcome to come check it out – even if you adamantly disagree.”

The Spiritual Living Center is run by co-ministers Gail and Gil Linsley, reverends of the United Religious Science Church.

The church is at 675 Fairview Drive, Suite 218. For details on the nutrition course, e-mail to solimanda@hotmail.com or call 450-5634.

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