Groups hustle to get insurance because of new rules in Lyon County |

Groups hustle to get insurance because of new rules in Lyon County

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

Some nonprofit groups used to using Lyon County buildings for meetings now have to pay for liability insurance.

The county added the requirement this summer when commissioners approved a new fee schedule for using the buildings.

Though nonprofit groups are exempt from most fees, they now have to have the insurance.

Lyon County Facilities director Dick Faber said the new policy requires a minimum of $300,000 insurance to have meetings in county buildings such as the senior centers or libraries.

“What’s happened is we’re trying to require it of everybody,” he said. “It’s not that expensive to get it for a one-time thing.”

He said five groups that use the Stagecoach Community Center have banded together to obtain insurance, with each group paying a fifth of the cost.

“It’s not difficult to do,” he said. “It might be a little bit of a hassle at first, but I think everyone will get used to it.”

Faber said most of the groups already carried liability insurance, and all they have to do now is add the county as a co-insured party for their meeting or event.

Groups must apply to use a facility two weeks in advance and must provide a certificate of insurance naming Lyon County as an insured party.

Linda Adams, president of the Historical Society of Dayton Valley, said she didn’t have a problem with the insurance requirement because the group was looking at insurance anyway.

“We need to have insurance for the other things that we do,” she said.

Adams said the group was currently working on obtaining liability insurance for their meetings.

Commissioner Bob Milz wants to take a look at the issue again.

He said some of items were added after approval in June, and wants to meet with county officials to make some changes in the building rules, which he hopes to put on a future agenda.

“The Kiwanis have their casino night, and now if you serve alcohol you pay for the room,” Milz said.

“That should not happen. The money they make goes right back into the community. They should not have to pay a fee, he added.”

Milz said the buildings were meant for activities that benefit the community, and those who work for the community shouldn’t have to pay. But he was supportive of the new insurance requirements.

“They’re going to have to have insurance,” he said. “Unless it’s an event that the county puts on, everyone has to have insurance.”

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By the Numbers

The amount of liability insurance required to use a Lyon County building.

• Category A – nonprofit groups: $300,000

• Category B – for-profit, noncommercial groups: $500,000

• Category C – Any organization serving alcohol: $1.5 million

• Category D – Events at the Dayton Valley Events Center or Lyon County Fairgrounds: $1 million