Guard donates trees to Carson school district |

Guard donates trees to Carson school district

Teri Vance

As the National Guard is getting sunnier, the Carson City School District is getting shadier.

To make room for the parking structure to house solar panels at the Office of the Adjutant General complex, the Guard had to get rid of the trees already in the parking lot.

“We were doing the right thing with solar development here, so we didn’t want to do the wrong thing by destroying trees,” said Chief Warrant Officer Jim Groth.

The contacted the school district and Operations Director Mark Korinek liked the idea of taking the trees.

“We had plans already to do some beautification around the schools,” he said.

Korinek said the focus was on creating landscaping that needed little maintenance as staff has been cut because of recent budget shortfalls.

“We were able to put in some rock along with the trees and lower-maintenance items,” he said. “At some of the schools, they provide shade in some areas where the sun would really hit the side of the building and crank up the temperatures. We’re thinking they’ll help with energy costs.”

The district assumed the cost of removing and replanting the trees, but did not have to pay for the trees themselves.

During the past two weeks 24 trees have been replanted at five schools in the district. They are planning to receive 16 more.

“It was a win-win,” Groth said. “It was a good scenario for everyone.”