Gubernatorial candidates Sandoval, Montandon address Carson GOP women |

Gubernatorial candidates Sandoval, Montandon address Carson GOP women

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

Gubernatorial candidates Brian Sandoval and Mike Montandon addressed the Carson City Republican Women’s Club Tuesday, both delivering an anti-tax, pro-business message.

“Everyone knows the state is struggling,” said Sandoval, who resigned a federal judgeship to challenge fellow Republican Jim Gibbons.

He said his goal is to “balance the budget without raising taxes, without laying people off and without borrowing money.”

Montandon, who was North Las Vegas mayor for 12 years before deciding to run, said the state is at the bottom of an economic cycle and that it’s not possible to “tax our way through the bottom of that cycle.”

Both men said new taxes, especially on small business, aren’t the answer to Nevada’s economic problems.

“You cannot be pro-job and anti-business,” said Montandon.

Sandoval said specifically he would oppose any attempt to impose a corporate income tax in Nevada.

Both also called for major changes in the state’s education system, which they

said is now ranked 50th in the nation.

“We have a product we can’t sell to our citizenry anymore,” said Montandon. “What we need to do is recognize that free market principles will drive a better education system.”

He said that means vouchers and more charter schools so that schools that are failing their students will have “no choice but to compete and get better.”

Sandoval cited to oft-quoted definition of insanity, saying: “You cannot expect to do things the same way and get a different result.”

He said his plan would empower schools to make decisions for their students.

“School governance is best at the closest to students. Schools in different parts of town have different needs. Principals should have the ability to decide.”

And he urged expansion of career and technical education schools.

Both men called for better enforcement of laws governing illegal aliens. Montandon said illegals will keep coming as long as they can have all the rewards of legal immigrants and citizens, including free education, medical care in emergency rooms and other benefits.

“We cannot leave the candy dish out there because if there is enough candy, they’ll find a way across the border,” he said.

Sandoval said it isn’t fair to legal immigrants to let illegals have the same chance to become Americans as they have.

Finally, both men warned that the attitude of taking everything the federal government offers must be stopped because it expands federal encroachment on states’ rights.

Montandon said when federal programs and money are offered, no one looks down the road at the long-term impact.

Sandoval said the next governor must question what strings are attached to any federal programs and be prepared to say no.

Organization officials said Gov. Jim Gibbons was invited to join Tuesday’s program but declined.