Guinn: ‘I will talk to Arnold’ |

Guinn: ‘I will talk to Arnold’

Geoff dornan, Appeal Capitol Bureau

Gov. Kenny Guinn says he’s only talked to Arnold Schwarzenegger once – shortly before the actor was elected governor of California.

“He’s busy trying to get things going,” said Guinn Wednesday.

But once Schwarzenegger has his administration up and running, Guinn said there are a number of things they’ll need to discuss since Nevada and California share hundreds of miles of border.

One of the key topics, said Guinn, will be Lake Tahoe – which straddles that border – and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, funded by both states.

“I expect we’ll be talking after the first of the year when he’s doing the budget.”

He said he wishes Schwarzenegger all the best in his task of straightening out the budget and government in California.

“We want them fixed,” he said.

Guinn said the two will probably have some time to talk at the GOP governor’s meeting in November and at the National Governor’s Conference in February.

But for now, he said Schwarzenegger has his hands full “getting his feet on the ground” putting together a management team to run California when Gray Davis leaves office.