Guns, hot food at Carson Armory |

Guns, hot food at Carson Armory

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

By Karl Horeis

Rolling through Mound House on my way home from Fallon on Monday, a big red sign caught my eye. “Guns,” it said, and “Hot Food.”

The Carson Armory at 10113 Highway 50 E. houses a gun store, Bob’s Gunslinger Cafe and an indoor shooting range.

“Only in Nevada,” I mused, as I strode inside.

Walking past Gus, an Akita and great Pyrenees mix who shares “shop dog” responsibilities with Molly, a flat-coat retriever, you’ll see an old 50-caliber machine gun between two rifle racks. Then a smiling redhead will ask what she can do for you.

Eileen Ferguson runs the shop with her husband Harry. The couple supplied guns to a British film crew six months ago for a History Channel movie about Iraq. The crew selected a region near Pyramid Lake as the setting for a story about a lost British patrol. Harry was the authenticity advisor. The show aired in June.

It couldn’t have been filmed in England, Eileen said.

“In England, they don’t have any type of military weapons available to them. Their gun control laws are extremely strict.”

The Gunslinger Cafe is through the door in the back. Menus are on your left – under an AK-47 receiver cover paperweight. Drinks are free to anyone who orders food.

The joint is run by Pete. He’s leasing it from Bob, who was deployed to Iraq about four months ago. Pete preferred not to give last names, but joked, “We’re brothers – Bob and Pete Gunslinger.”

Pete, in a worn bush hat and apron, explained how he trained as a cordon bleu chef in Oostende, Belgium. He added more health-conscious deli sandwiches and salads to the original deep-fried Gunslinger menu. He’s also open to special orders, such as the ham and cheese omelet he put on sourdough for the guy who ordered an Egg McMuffin.

“I made the omelet – you know, put all the rabbit food in there and put it on sourdough for him. It was a hit,” he said.

I had the ortega burger. It came complete with a huge piece of skinned, grilled poblano chili and seasoned, slightly battered fries.

As you wait for your order, browse the selection of holsters, pistol grips, body armor and ammunition in the gun store.

Pete, who speaks French and Flemish, says he’s thinking about turning the place into sort of a radical cafe with bookshelves, foreign newspapers, world maps and Internet access.

“I get a lot of veterans in here -that’s all we do is talk politics.”

Publications at the cafe include “Soldier of Fortune,” “Brigade Quartermaster,” “4-Wheel Drive” and “Guns and Weapons.”

It’s open from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

As you exit through the gun store, note the 10-percent-off revolver sale running through the weekend and take a peek at the several interesting reptiles living in lobby aquariums. Call 883-4409 for more details.

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The Tellebration is Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m. at Comma Coffee. What’s a Tellebration?

“It’s a celebration of story telling,” said Tony Castro, senior library assistant at the Carson City Library. The event was organized by Youth Services Librarian Cory King. Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach him for comment, but Castro said there will be several respected story tellers as well as an open mike. Call 887-2244 or 883-2662.

Karl Horeis, a general assignment reporter at the Appeal, can be reached at 881-1219.