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Happy birthday to you

Caryn Haller
Nevada Appeal photoNorine Cronk celebrated her 100th birthday Friday afternoon with family and friends at Carson Healthcare. Her great-granddaughter, Morgan Caillat, 21, wishes her a happy birthday along with other family members and friends at Carson Healthcare.

When Norine Cronk was born, the airplane and the radio had yet to be invented.

Cronk turned 100 years old Friday.

“My generation has seen more than any other generation,” said Cronk.

Cronk was born July 7, 1901, in San Jose, Calif., and lived in South Lake Tahoe for past 20 years.

There she volunteered more than 10,000 hours at the Barton Hospital Auxiliary, up until 1996.

“She could put out more clothes than all of us,” said longtime friend Joy Ragland.

Cronk’s daughter Beryl Caillat, two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren gathered at Carson Healthcare along with at least 30 friends to celebrate the occasion.

“She’s the sweetest person, an angel,” said Cronk’s great-granddaughter Colbie Caillat,16.

Colbie’s sister, Morgan, said,”She taught me how to play canasta and we have lots of inside jokes together.”

Beryl placed three candles on her mother’s cake, which stood for “we love you.”

Cronk was supposed to receive a birthday letter from President Bush in time for her party, but Beryl said her mom wasn’t worried if it arrived on time because “he’s a Republican.”

“I remember her jokes and she always has Little Debbies and candy on hand,” said Stephanie Tonn, Cronk’s great-granddaughter.

While living in Tahoe, Cronk met Ed Montanucci in 1976 who worked at a local grocery store, and the two became best friends.

“She would see I was stressing out and tell me a joke,” he said. “I looked forward to seeing her come through my line.”

Joy Tonn, Cronk’s granddaughter, said she remembers how at Christmas Cronk would bring home bags and bags of toys for the children.

When asked how she felt being 100, Cronk answered,”I’m feeling OK.”