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Hawk that collided with pickup recovering

David Bunker and Josh Miller
Connie Stevens inspects the hawk that was hit by a truck in Truckee when it swooped in front of the vehicle. Josh Miller Appeal News Service

TRUCKEE – The last week and a half have been traumatic for a young red-tailed hawk that swooped in front of a truck on Glenshire Drive and became lodged in the grill of the moving pickup.

But things are looking up.

After enduring a lengthy extrication effort in which town employees dismantling the vehicle’s grill to pull the hawk from its tangled location, the young bird is resting at the Wildlife Shelter in Homewood.

The bird hit the truck with enough impact to bend the front grill and continue upward until its head was positioned next to the radiator.

After the Nov. 30 collision, the hawk was examined by veterinarian Mike Ryan at the Sierra Pet Clinic, who found no distinguishable injury to its wings or body.”It was shaken up, but we couldn’t find any broken bones,” said Ryan. “It was a lucky hawk.”

The hawk was then taken to the Wildlife Shelter in Homewood, where it is improving daily, said shelter director Connie Stevens.

“He has no broken bones, it was just shock,” said Stevens, who said the bird may have suffered an injury to its air sac, which is part of its respiratory system.

“It’s definitely recoverable,” she said of the injury.

Since it has been at the shelter, the hawk, which Stevens believes is a 1-year-old male red-tailed, has been able to stand.

“He’s recovering very well,” said Stevens.


It costs the Wildlife Shelter $15 per day to feed and care for the hawk.

Donations can be sent to Wildlife Shelter, c/o Director Wildlife Shelter Inc., P.O. Box 226, Homewood, CA 96141-0226

Contact the clinic: (530) 525-5960

For emergencies call: (530) 546-1211