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Health Inspections

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections and the date of inspection (all scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations):

– U.S. Submarine Base, 1894 E. Highway 50 No. 10, restaurant, scored 100 points.

– Terrible’s No. 838, 1615 E. Fifth St., convenience store, scored 100 points.

– Save Mart Supermarkets No. 552, 3620 N. Carson St., meat department, scored 97 points. The live lobster tank needs cleaning inside. The floor is wet and draining towards the floor drain with pronounced lime build-up under the ice machine.

– Save Mart Supermarkets No. 552, 3620 N. Carson St., deli department, scored 100 points.

– Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, 3300 S. Carson Street, restaurant, scored 98 points. Found the salad dressings between 41-45F. The cooling unit was not keeping the dressings at 40F or less.

– Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, 3300 S. Carson Street, bar/lounge, scored 100 points.

– Mallards Empire Ranch Golf Restaurant, 1875 Fairway Drive, bar/lounge, scored 97 points. Food contact surfaces of the speed gun and speed gun holster were not clean (Repeat Violation). Found black slime in the floor sink under the soda machine.

– Mallards Empire Ranch Golf Restaurant, 1875 Fairway Drive, restaurant, main kitchen, scored 92 points. Found readily perishable cold food held above 46G. The dairy products and other food stored in the “McCall” reach-in refrigerator was above 46F. Found food stored in the walk-in refrigerator in containers which are unlabeled. Food contact surfaces of equipment or utensils are not clean. Specifically there was some debris found on the can opener blade, the meat slicer, and the ice machine ice chute.

– China Chef II, 3185 E. Highway 50, restaurant, scored 88 points. No chlorine residual was detected on dishware after mechanical final rinse (Repeat Violation). Various foods in the walk-in were 41-45F. The cooling fans were dirty and did not produce air cold enough to insure the foods were kept at 40F or below. Cold holding thermometers are missing from several cold holding units. Found meat products in bowls double stacked with the bottom of one bowl touching the food in the lower bowl. Various containers holding food before cooking were open and uncovered. An accurate chemical test kit is not provided for the dishwashing machine to test for sanitizer. The hand sink near the dishwasher was blocked from use. There was a utensil rack in the sink and no paper towels available.

– Panda Kitchen, 1986 E. Highway 50, restaurant, scored 86 points. Found open container of prepared carrots in the kitchen handsink. Post a sign to employees “Handsink is only for washing hands”. Never block access to a handsink. Found numerous bottles of bleach stored above the three-compartment sink (Repeat Violation). Found rice being improperly cooled in the walk-in. (Staff could not determine if it had been made the night before or today.) The rice was 4-6 inches deep in a covered tub at a temperature of 68.9F (Repeat Violation). Found cook egg fu yung stored on cloth towels in the walk-in. Found prepared, raw, shredded vegetables in the cardboard boxes the vegetables originally were received. Three reach-in units are without thermometers (Repeat Violation). Found many wet wiping cloths throughout the kitchen on food contact surfaces, some of which are in contact with fresh produce. Found the inside of the main ice machine dirty.

– Panda Kitchen, 1986 E. Highway 50, restaurant, follow-up inspection, scored 100 points.