The following health inspections are from the period of June 29. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

• Save Mart Supermar-kets #552 Bakery, 3620 N. Carson St., scored 100 points.

• Save Mart Supermar-kets #552 Produce Department, 3620 N. Carson St., scored 100 points.

• McDonalds Restaurant #2282, 2001 N. Carson St., scored 96 points. Thermometers are not present in all cold units. There is biofilm buildup in the upper half of the ice machine. There are leaks from drain pipes and holes in the ceiling in the basement areas.

• McDonalds Restaurant #4, North Carson St., scored 94 points. Several cold units have no accurate thermometers in them. There is no measurable chlorine sanitizer in the wiping cloth storage bucket. The main ice machine needs cleaning to remove red biofilm buildup in the fins area and also below around the ice chute area. There is no front cover on the ice machine. The dishwasher/sanitizer is not reaching the posted rinse temperature of 190-195 F. There are grease/food deposits inside the bottom of this machine. Ceiling light fixture in the dry storage room is not shielded.

• Carson City Car Wash Restaurant, 1510 N. Carson St., scored 100 points.

• The Blue Bull Bar

/Lounge, 107 E. Telegraph St., scored 98 points. The food contact surfaces of the speed gun contained debris and were not clean.

• Mustang Sallie’s Deuce’s Grill Restaurant, 420 N. Carson St., scored 92 points. Readily perishable cold food (hamburger patties) was found held above 46 F. The meat was in the small prep table refrigerator at an internal temperature of 54 F and was not being maintained at 40 F or below. These hamburger patties were discarded on the spot. Check and ensure this refrigerator keeps food at 40 F or lower. There was no certified food handler during the time of this inspection.

• Cactus Jack’s Senator Club Bar/Lounge, 411 N. Curry St., scored 100 points.

• Bistro @ Bryan Restaurant, 901 S. Stewart St., scored 100 points.

• Foodies Catering, 850 Arrowhead Drive, scored 100 points.o