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Health inspections

Staff reports

Carson City

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections and the date of inspection (all scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations) :

— The Bear’s Den, 5500 Snyder Ave., No. 160, 99, May 23

-1 Non-food contact surfaces of equipment or utensils unclean; buildup on milk and juice dispensers, inside steam table.

— Creekside Deli, 1795 E. College Parkway, 100, May 21

Establishment clean and well-maintained.

— Tequila Dan’s Restaurant, 2300 E. Hwy. 50, 98, May 21

-2 Food stored on the floor.

— Nieves Snowcones, 2880 E. Nye Lane, mobile food vehicle, snowcone truck, 94, May 20.

-4 Hand-washing sinks not convenient nor accessible. -2 No paper towels at hand wash.

— Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake, 4314 S. Carson St., 100, May 21

Establishment clean and well-maintained.

— Subway 28790, 2073 E. Hwy. 50 No. 1, 100, May 21

Establishment clean and well maintained.

— The Sub Factory, 2589 N. Carson St., No. B, 95, May 21

-5 Temp of sandwich prep refrigerator that holds lunch meats is at 53 F.

— Carson Plaza Retirement Residence, 2120 E. Long St., 95, May 20

-5 Readily perishable cold food is held above 46 F.

— Quizno’s Subs, 3228 N. Carson St., 93, June 2

-5 Employee drinks do not have covers and straws. -2 The hand-cleaner dispenser at hand-wash sink -broken and hard to access while washing hands.

— Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza, 1894 E. Hwy. 50, 100, June 3

— Carson City Railroad Association, 851 E. William St., 100, June 2

Lyon County

Nevada State Health Division inspection of a Lyon County food-service establishment and the date of inspection:

— Silver Stage Middle School Kitchen, Silver Springs, 97, May 22

Wooden pallets not allowed to store food on in freezer; no bare wood allowed.

Douglas County

Nevada State Health Division inspections of Douglas County’s food-service establishments and the date of inspection (all scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations):

— Sharkey’s Restaurant, Gardnerville, 83, May 20

Ice cream scoop must be stored in running water.

Do not store hose on ground at trash enclosure. Keep lids on Dumpsters closed when full. Keep bulk foods covered in storage rooms (rice). Clean can opener, run through dishwasher each day. Use scoops with handles for bulk foods (no bowls). Provide shield for lights above ice machine and walk-in. Keep all foods in walk-in covered. Provide test strips for sanitizer @ 50 ppm chlorine solution. Do not use hand sink for dish towels. Hands only.

— Sharkey’s Bar, 100

— Carson Valley Swim Center, Minden, 99, May 20

Provide temp gauge for each cooler and refrigerator.

— Jezabelle, Gardnerville; May 21

Repair floor tiles (broken). Clean under/behind ice machine. Repair drywall behind hand sink. Repaint all damaged wood surfaces. Remove all non-working equipment (or repair).

— Harrah’s Warehouse, Stateline, 95, May 30

Provide cold water and a supply of hand cleanser at hand-washing sink. Clean floor sinks of scum and mold. Floor sink being replumbed. Ceiling to be provided with a trough for conducting waste water leakage away from food product.

— Harrah’s Tahoe Main Kitchen, Stateline, 95, May 30

Pot washer checked by Birney’s Commercial; needs new timer for final rinse cycle. Unit shut down, and utensils to be washed in American River dishwasher in interim. Enzymatic drain cleaner injection line displaced and discharging on floor. Secure line.

— Harrah’s Bakery, Stateline, 97, May 30

Eliminate hand-washing facilities where large mixer attachments are stored. Use other designated hand-washing facility. Walls and ceilings in walk-in cooler need resurfacing. Provide light shielding on fluorescent lights on tubes and end caps.

— Harrah’s Employee Cafeteria, 96, May 30

Potato salad in reach-in refrigerator in food-prep area at 45 F for more than 24 hours and was voluntarily disposed of. Equipment very old (1950s) and should be replaced to avoid repeat food temperature violations. Replace atmospheric vacuum breaker with pressure vacuum breaker on water supply hoses or large soup kettles.

— Harrah’s North Beach Deli, Stateline, 96, May 30

Use proper ice scoop with handle in ice machine. Jackson dishwasher gauges not working. Unit to be replaced with new Jackson unit within 10 days. Recommend logging premade sandwich rotation frequency every two to three hours. Food handlers must restrain hair below collar with caps, hair nets.

— Harrah’s American River Restaurant, 95, May 29

Dishwasher final rinse too low temp. Rinse-activation arms not operating properly. Unit needs servicing. Unit was working properly at 185 per thermo label test. Hobart Repair contacted. Replace broken light shield in walk-in cooler.

— Harrah’s Room Service, Stateline, 95, May 29

Cutty Sark Scotch (1/2 bottle) and Christian Brothers Brandy (1/2-liter bottle) voluntarily disposed of after adulteration with fruit flies. Recommend procuring insect-proof spouts. Clean ice machine bin walls and ceiling of hard-water stains.

— Harrah’s Tahoe Ice Cream Shop, 96, May 29

Dishwashing machine not working properly as a low-temp unit, i.e., wash temp at 161 F rinse temperature at 107 F or a high-temp unit.

— Harrah’s Main Kitchen, Stateline, 91, May 29

Toxic items must not be stored in food-prep area, ; i.e., lacquer solvent, degreaser spray, glass cleaner. Toxic cleaning agents must only be stored in specified area adjacent to utensil-washing equipment. Lacquer solvent has no legitimate use in food operation so was discarded. Pot-washing unit final rinse gauge not reading correctly. Cycle temperature checked with thermo label, reading was marginal.

— Harrah’s Convention, Stateline, 95, May 29

Waterdispensing hose must have an air gap above trough as to prevent possible back-siphonage hazard. Raise stand pipe above shelf to correct.

— Harrah’s Club Cappuccino, Stateline, 93, May 27

Remove WD-40 oil from premises. Such chemicals have no legitimate use in food establishments. Material being used on proof-box unit. Replace domestic type microwave unit with commercial (NSF) type.

— Harrah’s Summit Restaurant, Stateline, 96, May 27

Provide light shielding in hood and ceiling fluorescent lighting on cooking line. Install shatterproof bulb in line under counter reach-in refrigerator. Create air gas for pre-rinse spray nozzle to maintain above sink rim. Provide sanitary towels at hand sink.

— Harrah’s Summit Lounge Bar, 96, May 27

Glass washer rinse cycle had no detectable chlorine disinfectant. Service unit immediately. Discontinue use until repaired.

— Harrah’s Forest Restaurant, Stateline, 94, May 27

Water-supply hose for large soup kettles used for filling defroster tub with frozen chickens creating possible cross contamination in soup kettle area. Faucet handle in defrost tub was broken. Replace soup kettle hose with extendable faucet to prevent cross contamination from raw chicken or floor contact.

— Harrah’s Forest Service Bar, Stateline, 94, May 27

Bushmiller Irish Whiskey, Johnny Walker Black Label, Capt. Morgan Rum, peach schnapps and Cutty Sark Scotch voluntarily disposed of for adulteration with fruit flies. Use insect-proof pour spouts. Bar gun spout and holster needs cleaned of built-up gum deposits and mold colonies. Clean floor under bar.

— Harrah’s Friday’s Station Bar, Stateline, 100, May 27

— Harrah’s Fridays Station Restaurant, 97, May 27

Raw meat and flower vases being stored on top shelf or walk-in refrigerator shelving, subjecting food requiring no further preparation to possible overhead contamination. Store ice tea spoons handle up.

— Harrah’s Tahoe Ice Cream Shop, 93, May 27

Dishwashing machine wash and rinse temperatures at 115 F and 125 F, respectively. Unit used as a high-temp sanitizing type. Discontinue use until proper wash temp (150 F) and rinse (180 F) temp are restored. Store plastic spoons with handles out. Do not store packaged cones by dishwasher or on top of ice machines.

— Smith’s Deli, Gardnerville, 95, May 28

Replace light shields in hood vent. Hot-case temp must be 140 F.

— Smith’s Bakery, 94, May 28

Provide paper towels at hand-wash station. Repair floor tiles in bakery at walk-in.

— Smith’s Produce, 99, May 28

Do not store floor mat on vegetable racks.

— Smiths Meat, 97, May 28

Do not store dust pan on ice machine. Seal hand sink to wall with silicone.

— Smith’s Market, 99, May 28

Flush floor drains/food buildup.