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Health inspections

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Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections and the date of inspection (all scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations) :

— Domino’s Pizza, 3231 E. Highway 50, 100, Aug. 19

— Real Scoop, The, 1217 S. Carson St., 100, Aug. 19

Establishment clean and well-maintained.

— Round Table Pizza No. 2, 2010 E. Highway 50, 96, Aug. 18

-2 Food removed from original container not stored in approved container. Cover of container not impervious or nonabsorbent. -1 Non-food contact surfaces of equipment or utensils not clean, dust buildup on fan in prep area. -1 Floors not properly cleaned.

— Governors Field, 500 Evalyn Drive, 98, Aug. 13

-1 Equipment or utensils not handled or stored to prevent contamination. Do not store clean equipment on cloth towels. -1 Single-serve articles not handled, dispensed, or stored in a manner that prevents contamination. Store forks and spoons with handles up.

— Carson City Parks, Fuji Park Exhibit Hall, 3033 Butti Way, Food Facility, 100, Aug. 13

— Edmonds Park Food Facility, 1555 Bennett Ave., 99, Aug. 13

-1 Floors not clean. Clean floor sink by three-pot sink on regular basis.

— Carson City Recreation, Lower Snack Bar, 5400 Heritage Way, 98, Aug. 13

Follow-up inspection. No score.

— Carson City Recreation, Upper Snack Bar, 98, Aug. 13

-2 A supply of soap not present at hand-wash sink. Men’s bathroom lacks paper towels.

— Adele’s, 1112 N. Carson St., Bar, 96, Aug. 13

-4 Chlorine residual of less than 50 ppm detected on dishware after mechanical final rinse.

— Adele’s Restaurant, 100, Aug. 13


Nevada State Health Division inspections of Storey County’s food-service establishments and the date of inspection:

— Fire House Restaurant, 171 St., Virginia City, 70, Aug. 13

BBQ meat on steamer holding at only 120 F. Remove from steamer and reheat to 165 F. No backflow protection to the soda carbonater from the potable water supply (repeat violation). No hand-wash sink for kitchen use. Keep door and window closed. Provide screens that comply with NAC 446 to keep these areas open for cooling. Clean cutting board, slicer.

— Fire House Bar, 95

Provide container to store ice scoops when not in use. Provide drain tube from soda gun holder and away from food area. Provide soap and towels to hand sink. Clean premises from previous day behind bar and boxes on outside patio. No smoking behind bar.


Nevada State Health Division inspections of food-service establishments in Carson City and the date of inspection:

— Sierra Place Kitchen, 1111 College Parkway, 85, Aug. 12

Store raw meat on lowest shelf in freezer. Clean coffee grounds spilled inside dry storage. Keep food covered at all times. (OK if cooling down the product coming out of the oven.) Provide and enforce the use of hair restraints while in kitchen area.

— Eagle Valley Children’s Home Kitchen, 2300 Eagle Valley Ranch Road, 92, Aug. 12

Designated hand-wash sink available. Wiping cloth bucket available. Need indirect connection for three-compartment sink. Food and non-food contact surfaces must be commercial grade.

— Evergreen @ Carson City Kitchen, 3050 Ormsby Blvd., 97, Aug. 12

Clean inside juice dispenser gun. Remove clutter and reorganize shelf and storage area across from cook line. Overall, very clean and well-maintained.

— Carson Rehab Center, 900 E. Long St., 100, Aug. 11

— Carson-Tahoe Hospital Kitchen, 775 Fleischmann St., 90, Aug. 11

Provide air gap to drain pipe going into floor sink from three-compartment sink. Must be at least 1 inch minimum from the rim of the floor sink to drain pipe. Provide dates on stored food. Keep water bottles off ground minimum 6 inches.

— Carson-Tahoe Hospital Cafe, 99, Aug. 11

Food to go must be labeled with content, approximate weight and location bought. Food-prep area must have minimum 50 foot candles of light.

— Eagle Valley Care Center Kitchen, 1807 E. Long St., 86, Aug. 11

Store raw meat; i.e., chicken in Magic Chef freezer, below ready-to-eat foods. Refrigerator temp at 55 F. Move items into walk-in refrigerator. Provide air gap (minimum 1 inch) from drain to floor sink from three-compartment sink.