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Health inspections

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports


Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections and the date of inspection (all scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations):

• Bully’s Sports Bar & Grill, 3530 N. Carson St., 100, Dec. 18

• Red’s Old 395 Grill, 1055 S. Carson St., 94, Dec. 18

-2 Improper cool down of large stock pots of potentially hazardous foods such as beans, chili and stock. Stock made last night still at 55F and above. -2 Frozen meat being thawed in a manner that does not minimize microbial growth; specifically, in standing water in prep sink. -2 A supply of soap not present at two hand-wash sinks.

• International House of Pancakes, 3883 S. Carson St., 100, Dec. 18, reinspection.

All violations corrected at time of reinspection.

• Little Philadelphia, 725 Basque Way, No. 1, 95, Dec. 15

-1 Ice scoop not stored properly. -1 An employee’s hair not adequately restrained. -1 Cloths used on food-contact surfaces not clean, do not contain sanitizer residual or not used properly. -2 At least one employee must be a certified food handler.

• Carson Lanes, 4600 Snyder Ave., 99, Dec. 17

-1 Cloths used on food-contact surfaces -not clean, do not contain sanitizer residual or -not used properly.

• Carson Lanes Service Bar, 100, Dec. 17

• Carson Lanes Restaurant, 100

Clean and well-maintained.

• Zack’s Restaurant at the Old Globe, 407 N. Curry St., 96, Dec. 17

-4 Cooked or ready-to-eat food potentially cross-contaminated as a result of improper storage.

• Cactus Jack’s Restaurant 420 N. Carson St., 98, Dec. 17

-2 Soup held hot between 135-139.

• Basil Restaurant, The, 311 N. Carson St., 96, Dec. 16

-2 Sauce held cold between 41-45; cool food rapidly. -2 Items stored on floor; carrots, rice, onions and other items not correctly stored 6 inches above floor.

• Espresso-ly For You, Coffee Cart, 2874 N. Carson St.. Dec. 17, preopening

• Panda Kitchen, 1986 E. Highway 50, 100, Dec. 17

Storey county

Nevada State Health Division inspections of Storey County’s food-service establishments and the date of inspection:

• Solid Muldoon’s Restaurant, Virginia City, 95, Oct. 19, reinspection

Clean, paint, and repair all drywall in storage area; no bare wood. Paint and attach to wall with silicone. Provide NSF-grade, food-grade, three-compartment sink. Repair or replace floor in kitchen.

• Palace Restaurant and Saloon, Virginia City, Aug. 13, 96

Provide thermometer in a conspicuous location in refrigerator and freezer. Relocate drain tube from soda gun holder so it is no longer directly above cubes of ice for drinks. Provide container to store ice scoop in sanitary manner (not on the cloths).

Lyon County

Nevada State Health Division inspections of a Lyon County food-service establishment and the date of inspection:

• Mary & Moe’s Wigwam Restaurant, Fernley, Nov. 6, 97

Tuna salad stored in reach-in display cooler at 55F after three hours. Recommend using pre-chilled ingredients to lower product temperature by placing in cold storage or use shallow containers to rapidly cool product. General sanitation very good. Food handler health was good. Mark date of preparation on salad product.

Douglas County

Nevada State Health Division inspections of Douglas County’s food-service establishments and the date of inspection:

• Not Just Java, Zephyr Cove, Nov. 10, follow-up

New dipper wall installed satisfactorily. Hand-sink towel dispenser to be relocated to cabinet door to prevent splash contamination of utensils. Single-service utensils being utilized for food and drink service. Utensil sink may be used for hand washing when there is no utensil-washing activity due to space restrictions in prep area.

• Harrah’s Room Service, Stateline, Oct. 6

Investigation conducted regarding complaint of food-borne illness on Nov. 2. Implicated food was ham chops. Product was received frozen, thawed in walk-in cooler, stored in cooking line refrigerator, and grilled. Refrigeration equipment holding proper 40F temperature. General sanitation excellent. Food handlers appeared healthy.

• Hard Rock Cafe, Stateline, Nov. 6

Investigation constructed regarding complaint of food-born illness on Nov. 2. Implicated food was blackened chicken pasta. Raw chicken breasts received frozen, precut, thawed in walk-in cooler, placed in cooking line refrigeration and grilled. General sanitation very good. Food handlers healthy.