Health inspections for July 3 |

Health inspections for July 3

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for July 3. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

Casino Fandango, warehouse, 3800 S. Carson St., scored 100 points.

Casino Fandango, Shinsen Sushi, 3800 S. Carson St., scored 100 points.

Mom & Pop’s Nook, 401 S. Carson St., scored 100 points.

Starbucks, 1410 E. William St., scored 100 points.

Starbucks, 3328 N. Carson St., Suite 15, scored 100 points.

Gold Dust West, The Grille, 2171 E. Highway 50, scored 99 points, The ceiling tiles over a sink were peeling off. The ceiling tiles over the main dishwasher were dirty with black buildup. Caulking around the drain board of the main dishwasher had black mold buildup.

Los Caporales Supermarket, meat department, 1621 E. Highway 50, Suite G, scored 95 points. The ice machine was dirty. A certified food handler was not on duty.

Taqueria Uraupan, 4601 Goni Road, Suite A, scored 94 points. A bathroom was missing paper towels, corrected on site. There was no certified food handler on duty.

Slotworld, Betsy’s Cafe, 3879 E. Highway 50, scored 92 points. Surface temperatures of sliced sandwich meats were at 55 degrees. Internal temperature of the unit was 54 degrees. The ambient temperature of the reach-in to the left of the grill was 60-61 degrees. A five-gallon container of hot meat sauce, covered with a lid, was found in the walk-in. The meat slicer was not clean. The inside of the roof area on the main ice machine was dirty. The floor sink in the dish washing room and the floor under the dishwasher were dirty.

Sunopta Fruit Group, Inc., 2801 Conestoga Drive, scored 100 points.