Health inspections for Oct. 3 |

Health inspections for Oct. 3

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for Oct. 3. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

Dairy Queen, 3198 E. Highway 50, scored 100 points.

Dream Dinners, 135 Clearview Drive, Suite 123, 100 points.

National’s Cafe, 1701 N. Carson St., 100 points.

Papa Murphy’s, 1894 E. Highway 50, Suite 5, 100 points.

Taco Bell, 3117 E. Highway 50, 100 points.

Wingstop, restaurant, 3965 S. Carson St., 100 points.

Wingstop, bar and lounge, 3965 S. Carson St., 100 points.

Save Mart Supermarkets, Bakery, 3325 E. Highway 50, 99 points. The basins of the three compartment sink were not set up during active food handling hours.

China Chef, 3135 E. Highway 50, 98 points. Flour was not dispensed with a handled scoop, corrected on site. Cleaning was needed for some walls and shelving in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Pizza Factory, 135 Clearview Drive, Suite 127, 98 points. Dressing, bean salad and other items on the salad bar were found with an internal temperature between 41 and 45 degrees.

Port of Subs, 3721 N. Carson St., 96 points. Wiping cloths were not stored in the sanitizer solution between uses. There was no measurable chlorine residual in the almost-dry cloths at the service counter, corrected on site. There was no proof of a certified food handler working during the inspection.