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Have you laughed today?

Have you had your daily dose of laughter today? A good chuckle, guffaw or giggle isn’t just a mental pick-me-up. It has important physical benefits as well. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter can help alleviate stress by:

– Enhancing your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulating your heart, lungs and muscles;

– Increasing the endorphins released to your brain;

– Easing digestion and stimulating circulation;

– Releasing neuropeptides that help fight stress and some more serious illnesses.

‘Third-hand’ smoke also harmful to children

It’s not news that second-hand smoke is harmful to your children. So maybe you roll down your car windows or only smoke when the kids aren’t around to limit their exposure. That isn’t enough.

Researchers at Boston’s MassGeneral Hospital for Children have found that the toxins in tobacco smoke linger in clothing, car seats, carpets and everything else long after your cigarettes have been extinguished. They’re calling it third-hand smoke, according to this month’s issue of the medical journal Pediatrics, and it may be associated with cognitive deficits among children.

The number one solution? Quit smoking.