Help for caregivers available |

Help for caregivers available

Latest studies indicate that 40 percent of caregivers who never take breaks from their 24/7 duties for their incapacitated loved ones die before them, thus leaving the one being cared for at risk for institutionalization.

This figure accelerates to 60 percent when the caregiver is 60 years of age or older, taking care of a spouse or someone older than 60.

The Rural Counties RSVP Program has instituted a comprehensive program of trained volunteers who will come into the home and take care of the loved one while the caregiver can pursue some time off to do the “normal” things others do. Get a haircut, see a movie, have lunch, shop, whatever!

And it brings a whole new experience into the home for the person being cared for. That person sees someone new to tell his stories to, play cards or just unload some of his concerns. It’s a win-win for all. The caregiver returns with a refreshed attitude and so does the one being cared for.

All volunteer caregivers are trained and have had background checks. There is no charge for the program; however, donations are always welcomed. For more information about becoming a volunteer, call Kathy at 687-4680 ext. 20.