Help sought in track vandalism probe |

Help sought in track vandalism probe

Teri Vance

Carson High School Principal Ron Beck is asking for the community’s help in preserving the $1.5 million football stadium and track.

“People are going out there and destroying the property,” he said. “It’s not good.”

Over the weekend, he said, vandals spray-painted the football field, which is made of artificial turf.

It is the latest in what Beck calls the worst string of vandalism cases he’s seen.

Other incidents include trash cans and a podium being rolled into ditches, broken lights around the ticket booth as well as toilet papering.

Another increasing trend is dog waste. He said crews are regularly cleaning up after dogs, but parts of the turf have already been damaged from urine.

“This is where our kids play. They roll around on that turf,” he said. “It’s not healthy. And it’s destructive.”

Although he acknowledges that those damaging the track and field are likely not the same ones who use it to run, he said the solution may have to be to restrict public access.

“It may get to the point that we completely lock the place up,” he said. “I don’t want to do that. I want it open to the community, but I have to balance that with the cost of the destruction to property.”

The rubberized all-weather track and turf field were installed in 2008 as part of a $25 million bond issue passed by voters in 2006.

It is a popular spot for local runners because the springy surface makes it easier on joints.

Although police are investigating, Beck is asking for their help in paroling the area.

“I just need help from the community,” he said. “We need eyes and ears in making sure the property is well-maintained.”

Anyone with information can call the high school at 283-1600.