Help treat kids to a great Halloween " it’s no trick |

Help treat kids to a great Halloween " it’s no trick

Kim Riggs
For the Appeal

Each year the Division of Child and Family Services District Office provides children in foster care or emergency shelters a place where they can trick-or-treat in a secure environment.

Thanks to so many who continue to support the children by providing candy, costumes, treats and Halloween decor. About 100-150 children attend each year and enjoy a great Halloween.

But I received one special note from Katherine Davis, family services supervisor for the State of Nevada, and I would like to share her comments.

“I used to be a foster parent, and my children absolutely loved the trick-or -treating at the DCFS office each year.

“I’m happy that you are reaching out to ensure this tradition continues. The staff there, on their own time, would dress up and deck their offices out with Halloween gear. The children in foster care (adoptive children/parents were also invited) would come in droves.

“The children would travel from office to office acquiring candy. They absolutely loved it! This year, because of the economy and whatnot, there have not been many sponsors for this great tradition.

“If you are able to donate candy you would be helping to ensure these children continue to have their safe haven in which they can not only gorge themselves with treats, but also be able to get together and rub elbows with other children in situations much like their own.”

Wow, Katherine! Thank you, and a thank you to all the employees throughout the Department of Human and Health Services who continue to drop off bags of candy for the children.

A special thank you to Starbuck’s Corporation in Douglas for providing more than 150 special water bottles for each child that attends. If you want to help, look below.

It’s coming this Friday: All Hallows Eve. It’s a magical time where the souls of those who have passed revisit the living.

Halloween is known as the most favorable night for divination. It’s a perfect time for a psychic reading. Halloween season’s a time of heightened psychic awareness and a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the special insights and guidance of personal psychic adviser Linda Wallace. She will be at the first annual D’Vine Wine Halloween Party.

Or just come down and enjoy the spirits available, wine that is.

Want a fun event that’s away from downtown? Then come over and support the Carson High School Marching Band at the Battle of the Bands event.

There will be 10 bands from Northern Nevada and California competing for trophies and a very special performance by the University of Nevada, Reno marching band.

This is a great family activity.

Here is another great family event provided by the Capital City Community Band.

They will present a free “old-fashioned band concert” that coincides with the annual Nevada Day “Steam Up” at the local Nevada State Railroad Museum.

This is a free event, so ride the train and hear a concert. The music is for all ages from Broadway tunes to the good red, white and blue patriotic music that makes us all smile.

You can enjoy the annual locomotive races.

OK, I saw this fundraiser, and didn’t even want to think that Christmas is only two months away. Where did this year fly to? But if you plan to purchase a wreath for your door, purchase it from Austin’s House.

Austin’s House and Volunteers of America are the only two shelters we have that assist in the transitional emergency care of abused and neglected children.

On a moment’s notice, this shelters assist children in the area in providing a safe haven.

With funding as it is, they need all the help they can get so please give them a call and purchase this year’s Christmas wreath for a child.

Next Week: Foster Children’s Closet and homeless children need warm clothing. See how you can help.

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